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Squirrel's take on: Live It Up, Q-Town

It’s time to live it up!

The title track “Live It Up” is not the average Qwanoes theme song. Driven by acoustic guitar from the start and big drums that come in towards the end of the song, we sing about the full life that Jesus wants to give us (that’s the “it” of “Live It Up”).

The soaring Oh-oh-oh vocals of “There Is Love” get us singing along about the great love that God has for us. You’ll feel like you need to go to the beach as you listen to “Surf-O-Rama” and “What’s Going On”, and then you’ll sing out to God from the Psalm 86 based praise song “There Is No Other Like You” which has some more Oh-oh-oh vocals.

“Q-Town Tonight” has a retro dance vibe to it, while “On A Qwanoes Day” is probably the strangest song Q-Town ever done (but you’ll get swept up into the fun things that happen on a typical day at Camp Qwanoes, if there’s even such thing as a typical day here).

We are reminded to let our light shine on “You Are The Light”, and “At Last I’m Home” captures the feeling that hanging out with friends at camp is how life is meant to be.

A great album of songs to help encourage us all to be like a city on top of a hill, and to let our light shine!

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