We at qrok.ca believe that people should be able to hear the best in Christian pop music. So here we are. There's a whole lot of great music out there by musicians who love God and sing about Him, and you'll find that music here at qrok.ca. Put up your antennas and tune in.

qrok.ca is the finely-tuned web radio station of Camp Qwanoes. Get online and let the music take you higher. Transmitting now.

The Squirrel (aka Russ Smith) is the resident rodent at qrok. As with most members of the squirrel family, this Squirrel gathers nuts for the winter and is pleased-as-punch to hear from the nuts like you and take your requests for songs on qrok.

The qrok show is currently updated every week, with a new show appearing on our wonderful web site every Wednesday. The best in Christian pop music with a plethora of styles.

Good songs about a great God from musicians who know Jesus personally.

Jesus is the Rock, this station plays it all.

great Christian music to shake your soul.

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